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October 29th, 2007

shinu_inochi @ 08:57 pm: Challenge: In honor of Halloween dot dot dot
Challenge Number...whatever we happen to be on.

1) Create a piece that scares you. Perhaps do a remix of the Halloween movie theme, or draw something that scared you as a child, or paint what you think the boogie man REALLY looks like.

2) Create the ultimate costume. Create your alter-ego. Design the antithesis of you.

3) Come up with your own prompt. ^__^

As always, post something or anything you want. Please do it behind an lj-cut because...some of us may not have high speed interwebs. Whether it's on a cocktail napkin, an mp3 you've recorded on your mp3 player or something you scribbled on the back of your car...take a pic!

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January 17th, 2007

shinu_inochi @ 12:55 am: Happy New Year!
Hong phat choy!

It is the new year and I'd like the ring it in with a new challenge which has already been posted and most of you have already been contacted about. If the contact thing annoyed you please let me know and I can remove you from my "contact person about new challenges" list.

I'd love to see some art work go up there and I will do my very best to be on top of things and get bigger and better things sent your way.

Keep an eye for new things to come.

~Brain Barf 'n' Staff

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shinu_inochi @ 12:44 am: The "Change It Up" Challenge
"Change It Up" Challenge:
Start: 17 January
End: 31 January

A) If you like to work on notebook paper, try working on watercolour paper, if you prefer color film switch to black and white, if you like to work with pencils try pens this time.

B) If you tend to stick to a certain color pallet try to change it up this time or if you use certain transitions, chords, sequences, processes, steps, etc. Try to "change it up".

C) As per usual you can come up with your own challenge for yourself or adjust the challenge as you see if.

Remember, this site is not a criticism site. Be respectful of others and if you want criticism please do not hesitate to add it to your post.

Have fun!!

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November 27th, 2006

shinu_inochi @ 12:20 pm: Just a few more days...
Welcome back home, for those of you that have traveled the globe for the break. Happy Holidays and good luck with everything before the year ends.

There are only a few more days before the first challenge ends so get those submissions in!

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November 11th, 2006

biodingo @ 08:37 pm: Excuse the clutter...
Hey everybody.  If you're cool enough to be checking this little place in these early stages of "getting our shiite together", then hopefully you're also cool enough to stick with us while we do a little redesigning and housecleaning.  Until then, enjoy the zen that is clean (ish) unstyled webpage goodness.  It's like it was back in the days of yore.


-Your friendly neighborhood code-mongering WebMonkey

shinu_inochi @ 12:34 pm: Yay for the new icon!
We have a new icon...wee! Icon provided by laurdragon, so thank you, thank you lots. You rock and deserve a mountain of cookies.

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November 9th, 2006

shinu_inochi @ 01:24 pm: House Keeping
This is mainly for the mod(s) but if you want to help out, please do.

1. Icon for the community

2. Layout (customization?)

3. Banner for the User info page (more customization)
a- Main Banner (Welcome/Community Name)
b- Rules Banner, How to Post Banner, Challenge Banner, Banned Members Banner

4. Recruitment

5. Pretty-fy the place up a bit. Clean up html on user page.

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shinu_inochi @ 12:49 pm: I am the Mod (aka...God)
I'm joking..really...I swear.

Name: Well you can call me Blaze since I probably don't know most you yet.

Age: 21

Location: Eh...middle of nowhere, soon to be moving to a bigger place I hope.

Style: I don't believe I really have a personal style. But I like to do pin-ups (both 50's style and comic style), I love working on comics, graphic novels, etc. I take photos now and again but I'm not very good at it. I don't do anything 3-d, I have a bad sense of three-demensional space so you'll probably never see anything like that. And as for color, it scares me. I'm afraid I'll ruin something if I work in color so of course that's going to be a challenge somewhere along the line.

Comissions: I've never done a comission, I've never asked for a comission either. But if you like my stuff, I guess we'll see.

Collabs: Haha, haven't done these either. If I'm feeling friendly and you want me to, let me know.

Favorite Medium: .5 lead pencils made by Pentel, Click-eraser made by pentel, and whatever paper I can get my hands on.

Favorite Things: I like cool tones: blue, green, purples, that kind of thing. I love Italian food, chocolate, pocky, soft or shiny things, somewhat techy things, tutorials, friends and family and if you want more things you can check out my user page.

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shinu_inochi @ 03:38 am: Welcome to B.B.
This community is brand spanking new which means there will be a lot of changes in the next couple of weeks or so. Please be patient and if you have questions, comments, etc. let your voice be heard.

Just to get us started let's have a tiny Q&A.

Well there is none, B.B. was started on a whim. Why? Because no one else seemed to have an open-minded, fun-loving, non-elitist art challenge community that I could relate to so I started one that caters to the many instead of the few.

Where do you see this community going:
I see lots of people posting their artwork and I see it as being a very happy place. If people want to get feedback on their artwork I see the people responding in a respectful and helpful way.

What's the next challenge:
To tell you the truth I have absolutely no idea, but check the User page for the newest challenge: Seasons!

How do you feel about the comm so far:
I'm am SO excited, you have no idea! I can't wait for people to start posting and I can't wait for people to join and feedback to start being thrown all over the place. If I was the squealy type I'd do it right now. Tell your friends to check us out!

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